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19 February 1985
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Hiya, and welcome to my page.

You may call me Tresh, or you can call me Cynd, or you can call me Tala, or you can even call me Michelle. Whatever you chose, however you chose to call me, I am the same in all guises.

Mostly bubbly, cheerful, kind and willing. Hard-working artist with little talent but a heart full of love for drawing. Always trying out new mediums and new papers. I'm as changeable as a prism, always moving and showing new sides. My life is an adventure.

I'm currently 25, about 400 pounds, the nicest thing that can be said about me is that I have kind eyes, and a loving heart. And I have pretty brown hair with nice gold-flecked brown eyes. I'm a girl, obviously, though people tend to think I am male online.

I'm a dragon otherkin. I think. Actually, I'm not really a label, I'm simply this person who feels a dragon inside herself and doesn't really have a word for the magick and wonder that is her own soul.

YOu'll mostly see me as Tresh on here. Tresh being my two-tailed silver shapeshifting dragongirl persona. SHe's my most-loved, most-used, most beautiful dragon form. She's the one I draw, and she's the one I speak as most of the time. She's also a past life, and a current spirit part of my soul.

I am a pagan, I believe in what I call "the power-yet-higher." What this is/what this means to me, I don't know as of yet. Always defining and refining that further. My ideas on my own religion change constantly.

In energy and outlook, I am a dragoness. It is the strongest part of me, and the part of me I embrace the most.

I am an open-minded female, but I'm not so open-minded that my poor little brain will fall out.

I'm very friendly, always willing to talk, always willing to listen, and I love to "stalk" other artists. I learn the most from artists and spiritual-types. I grow because of you, you reading this right now.

I am always hunting for the answers to things I have never defined. On a quest for reality, lol.

I am currently a cashier at walmart, full time, almost 5 years now. I would like for art to be my main money-making area, but alas, I am not good enough, and so I strive, constantly and always, to be better.

I am a dreamer, a mystic, a creature without real words or ideas to define herself.

When it comes down to it, I am ME. Magickal, mystical, fluffy little air-headed dragoness on a perpetual quest to be BETTER.

YOu can find my clean art here: http://misted-laughter.deviantart.com

and the not-so-clean here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/talakestreal/

I am currently living in Philadelphia with my beloved mate, Raziel. In a year or so...who knows where we will be...

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